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VAGINA Therapy

By using radiofrequency with thermal stimuli, this advanced vaginal device improves the condition of the vagina and improves the burden of urinary incontinence.

  •  Tightening / whitening effect from the inside to the opening of the vagina.
  •  Restores the elasticity and contraction of the muscles in the vagina.
  •  Improves vaginal dryness and atrophic vaginitis.
  •  Improves blood circulation, relieves pain (vaginitis) and improves sexual feelings during sexual intercourse.
  •  Collagen formation in the dermis and lifting of the labium.

FACE Therapy

The smile lifting treatment leaves no damage to the skin surface. It sends radio frequency waves to the inside of the mouth (to the mucous layer inside the mouth) to enhance the formation of collagen, which is very effective not only in the removal of wrinkles, but also in increasing the elasticity of the skin and lifting.

    • ✓ Improvement of facial wrinkles and skin tightening.
    • Forms collagen in the deep dermis of the skin to keep your skin healthy and elastic.
    • Increases the blood circulation through which fibroblasts, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are improved.


The thermal energy is transferred to the skin

schritt02 Agassi

The temperature of the skin cells is increased

schritt03 Agassi

Coagulation of skin cells (collagen production)

schritt04 Agassi

Improves the shrinkage of the tissue and the elasticity of the skin

AGASSI Advantages

Agassi sichere Behandlung

Safe treatment with disposable tip

Real-time skin temperature display

keine Schmerzen

NO pain

Agassi 2in1 System

2 in 1 system

kompaktes Design

Compact design

NO anesthesia



460 KHz

RF Type


RF energy level

Level 1 ~ Level 10

Length of handpiece

5.5 cm

LCD Touch screen

8 Zoll

Power / energy consumption

110/220 V, 50/60 Hz


3.5 Kg


24 X 33 X 20 cm

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